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The article The 3rd Army into the Ukraine and the retreat to Romania 1943-44 was added in the Military Operations section.
The profile of adj. av. Dumitru Ilie was added.
We added the profiles of the pilots cpt. av. Traian Popteanu and adj. sef av. Spiridon Focsaneanu.
The update of the OoB of the cavalry brigades and divisions is complete.
In the Pilots section we added the biography of adj. stg. av. (r) Niculae Sculy Logotheti.
Several new pages have been added in the weapons section: 9mm P-38 (Walther) pistol model 1938, 9mm Browning pistol model 1910/22, 7.62mm T.T. pistol model 1933, 100mm Skoda field howitzer model 1934, 105mm Krupp field howitzer model 1912, 105mm Skoda field howitzer model 1940/43, 105mm Bohler mountain howitzer model 1940, 20mm Oerlikon antiaircraft gun model 1928, 76.5mm Skoda antiaircraft gun model 1925
Report on "Maresal" tank destroyer
Soldier Cucu Nicolae - memories about the Battle of Paulis
The article about border-guards was updated and more photos were added.
The article on paratroopers was updated.
The OoB of the 1st Armored Division in 1941 and the article on general 29 March 2009 The article about general Corneliu Dragalina was updated. Also, photos were added to several articles.
The diary of 2nd lt. Grigore Dobos was added. He was the commander of the 2nd Tank Regiment's traffic platoon during the 1945 campaign. Many thanks to Mrs. Ruxandra Popescu!
Information was added to the articles about general Radu Korne and lt. cdor. av. Corneliu Batacui.
The English version of the interview of serg. Aurel Tucra was added.
Only in Romanian, the recollections of military school student Octavian Husa. Interview by Bogdan Briscu.
A new addition to the memories section courtesy to mr. Bogdan Briscu. Only in Romanian for the time being: serg. Aurel Tucra
We have added, so far only in Romanian, the memoirs of serg. Nicolae Neag and those of Traian Giurgelea. Many thanks to Bogdan Briscu for all his efforts.
We have added, so far only in Romanian, the memoirs of col. (rez.) Constantin Iancu.
The article about the actions of the 6th Corps in 1942 has been extended.
Articles added:
47mm Bohler anti-tank gun model 1935, 75mm Pak 97/38 anti-tank gun model 1897/38, 105mm Krupp field howitzer model 1918/40
I have details about the pre-war career of general Gheroghe Avramescu
The articles on NMS Rechinul and NMS Marsuinul were rewritten.
Several photos were added and the article on the 7th Cavalry Brigade's organization was updated.
The article on the Delfinul submarine was rewritten.
I have added and article on slt. av. (r) Sorin Tulea.
I have added 15 photos, the contribution of Mr. Hubert Kuberski and Mr. Mihai Badescu
The article on birg. general Ioan Alecu Sion has been added.
I have added the article on Operation "60,000" - the evacuation of the 17th Army by sea from Crimea.
The article about the Last stand in Crimea - 1944 has been added.
The article on Operation München - retaking Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina was added.
The OoB of the fortification brigades and divisions were added. The submachine guns in the service of Romanian Army have been added.
An article about General of Air Squad Aviator Gheorghe I. Jienescu has been added to the Generals section.
The article about the organziation of the tank troops was revised and translated in Romanian.
An article about the armored cars in the service of Romanian Army has been added.
25mm Puteaux anti-tank gun model 1937, 75mm Schneider mountain gun model 1906/09 and 13.2mm Hotchkiss AAMG model 1931 have been added.
The following articles have been added to the weapons section: 50mm Brandt mortar model 1937, 60mm Brandt mortar model 1935, 81.4mm Brandt mortar model 1927/31 and 25mm Hotchkiss antiaircraft gun model 1939. Special thanks to David Lehmann.
An article about the depot ship NMS CONSTANTA was added.
The article on the organization of the cavalry has been enlarged and translated into Romanian.
The articles about infantry and paratroopers have been added in Romanian language.
The biography of maj. general Ioan Dumitrache was added.
The organization of 1944-1945 Infantry Division has been added.
I had split in two the article about the campaign in Bessarabia and Bukovina. The first part, much improved, about the "waiting" until 2 July 1941 has been uploaded. The second part, Operation Muenchen, is under work.
In the weapons section have been added: 76.2mm Putilov mountain gun model 1909 and 122mm field howitzer model 1910/30.
The English version of the article on the WWI Battle of Marasesti has been added.
More photographs have been added to the WW1 articles. There are also new images in the Weapons section.
The SRD Aurora minelayer, 75mm Schneider field gun model 1897 and 40mm Bofors antiaircraft gun model 1930 have been added.
The article on Artillery has been updated.
I have added two artillery pieces in the Weapons section: 105 mm Schneider model 1936 field gun and 75 mm Skoda model 1928 field gun.
I have added teh English version of the article on the second battle of Oituz. There is also a small update on the ARR site.
I have added teh English version of the article on the battle of Marasti. There is also a small update on the ARR site.
I have added extended biographies to 11 aces in the Pilots section on the ARR site. There are also new photos available.
I have added an article about the NMS Dacia mine-laying ship and revised the article on NMS Regele Carol I.
The story of Ion Neculai Agiu, the medic of the submarine NMS Delfinul, has been added.
I have added the biography of brigadier general Radu Korne.
The Famo tractor has been added to the vehicles list in the weapons section.
I have added the biography of marshal Ion Antonescu.
All teh generals' biographies were revised.
The list of the Romanian officers decorated with Order of Michael the Brave has been added.
An article about the order and medal of Bene Merenti has been added, courtesy of mr. Charles H. Pankey.
The following artillery pieces have been added: 100mm Skoda mountain howitzer model 1916, 20mm Gustloff antiaircraft gun model 1938 and 88mm Krupp antiaircraft gun model 1936
The following artillery pieces have been added: 50mm Pak 38 anti-tank gun model 1938, 75mm Pak 40 anti-tank gun model 1940, 105mm Krupp field howitzer model 1916 and 75 mm AA gun Vickers/Resita model 1936/39
Another biography: major general Leonard Mociulschi.
A new biography: general Gheorghe Mihail.
In the weapons section have been added the following guns: 105mm Krupp field howitzer model 1898/09 and 155mm Schneider field howitzer model 1917.
The article about the second battle of Oituz has been added.
An article about the Military Virtue Medal was added.
The following sections have been created: Order of Battle, Decorations and the First World War.
In the Operations section was added the chapter about the battle of Odessa.
Movies have been added: R-35 tanks, IAR-80 fighers and Delfinul submarine.
We have added the biography of general Radu Baldescu, the CO of the 18th Infantry Division.
The complete list of Romanian Unit Commanders has been added. Sergeant Sandu Aurel's war memories are also available.
New weapons have been added: 8mm Mannlicher rifle model 1895, 76mm field gun model 1942 and 75mm Skoda mountain gun model 1915.
New color pictures have been added to uniforms gallery.
Article on the minelayer SMR Regele Carol I has been added.
Romania’s answer to the British ultimatum of 30 November 1941 has been added.
The website Romanian Royal Aeronautics in WWII is now hosted by
Ford rusesc de captura artillery tractor has been added to Romanian armor.
Memories of sergeant Manole Zamfir have been published in the Memoirs/Journals section. We have also added the article about the battles in Crimea in late 1943/early 1944.
Another chapter has been added in the Operations section: The Taman bridgehead.
An article about T-4 medium tank has been added in Weapons section.
Another two articles in the Portraits section: gen. Nicolae Macici and gen. Mihail Lascar.
The campaign diary of lt. Simion Iuga has been added, as well as a short biography of general Nicolae Ciuperca and more details on general Petre Dumitrescu.
The campaign diary of 2nd Lieutenant Constantin Nicolescu has been translated.
We have added the Romanian Royal Navy's submarines in the Weapons section.
The biography of gen. Nicolae Sova was added.
The search engine is now working. Also the Photo Gallery is back on-line. It comprises all the photgraphs currently on the site, divided on areas of interest.
A technical description of the 47 mm Breda antitank gun has been added.
Two movie clips have been added: motorcycles (Zundapp and Gnome-Rhone) and mine searchers.
In the Operations section we have added three new articles about the 1942 campaigns, including Stalingrad.
In the Organization section, the Organization and equipment of assault groups has been added.
In the Organization section was added the article about ARR.
The site is on-line. The search function is not functional at the moment.
The profile of adj. av. Dumitru Ilie was added.
The diary of 2nd lt. Grigore Dobos was added. Many thanks to Mrs. Roxandra Popescu.